The Email Copy Checklist
The Email Copy Checklist

The Email Copy Checklist

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The Email Copy Checklist: The secret to writing high-converting emails

The Email Copy Checklist includes a checklist of 21 essential things to review before you hit send. 

Avoid the “oops, wrong link” (fake af) emails. 


And take a wide sidestep away from the common mistakes your competitors are making. The exact mistakes that hurt your open rates, click-through rates, and sales 😱 


The Email Copy Checklist is the final step in your email-creating process. It’s your safety net for ensuring every email you send has its best chance at converting high. 


Here are the 5 sections covered in this checklist:


  1. Inbox optimisation - make sure your email lands safely in your subscriber's inbox
  2. The lead - Is the opening to your email effective enough to hook your readers in and drooling for more?
  3. The body copy - Is it engaging and persuasive enough to get buy-in from your reader?
  4. The design and usability - There’s nothing worse than a button that doesn't work or referring to an image that doesn't show 🤦
  5. Calls to action - Make sure you’ve optimised for maximum clicks

Never send an ineffective email again

Never again make stupid mistakes that cost you sales and clicks. Instead, use this email copy checklist to tick off all the relevant sections and find email harmony. Your subscribers and your bank balance will thank you!


The Email Copy Checklist is perfect for:

  • Business owners
  • Marketing professionals
  • Email marketers
  • Content marketers
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to write effective emails


Steal my checklist before you hit send on your next campaign with your copy of The Email Copy Checklist today!


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