Email dissection: What makes a great email?

Speaker(s): Bob Taylor

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$ 47Included lessons: 1
Level։ beginner

About live session

In this live 1-hour session you'll get the opportunity to see real-life emails put under the microscope.

You'll see what goes into these emails to make them so effective.

And you'll come away knowing exactly what you need to include in your emails to make yours more effective

What you'll learn

During the 1 hour Session, Bob will run through the main elements of all emails and the importance of each of them.

After you get the foundations of effective emails, we'll look at some real emails that are good and discuss why they work. And we'll also look at the emails that aren't so good to see how we could improve them.


Extras included in this workshop:

  • Workbook (follow along)
  • Email checklist


Included lessons


Bob Taylor

With over 11 years of selling experience, I create conversion copy that actually sells. I’ll teach you how to capture your audience’s imagination through the power of words. And persuasively sell your product or service with compelling messages that get results.

Put simply – Kickass Copy with Jaw-dropping Effects

I’m not just a writer. There’s more to it than putting words on a page. I write copy that sells. Copy that compels. Copy that turns your prospects into your customers.

I specialise in writing engaging email marketing, persuasive landing pages and profit-boosting sales pages. Conversion focussed copy that boosts your bottom line. 

So if you want to increase leads, skyrocket sales or nurture relationships, talk to me. I’ll help you get the results you’ve been craving. Let’s get those cash registers ringing with fun and powerful copy that sells!